Makeup / Hair Class

New~ Private personal makeup class- 一對一個人化妝班

Anytime convenient to you.

Professional Bridal Secretary Makeup Class – 專業新娘秘書彩妝課程
Next class begin on March 2017- One spot left 

Professional Bridal Secretary Hair Class (Beginners) – 專業新娘秘書入門髮型

Next class begin on March 2017.

想加入專業新娘化妝和髮型的行業,成為新娘秘書. 創業成本低,工作時間彈性, 是兼職最佳的選擇. 不管經濟好不好, 機會只給做好準備的人. Satine 的專業課程提供婚禮現場實習的機會. 若通過課程測驗,歡迎加入Satine 之專業團隊成為化妝師或髮型師.

Professional Bridal Secretary Make-Up Class

  • Make-Up Class includes:
  • Period of 3 months
  • 15 classes (1 -2 sessions per week)
  • Each class is 2 hours long

Professional Bridal Secretary Hair Class (Beginners)

  • Hair Class includes:
  • Period of 3 months
  • 17 Classes (1 -2 sessions per week)
  • Each class is 2.5 hours long

Private personal makeup lesson 

  • 2.5  hours at anytime convenient to you
  • Focus on your needs

Personal Makeup Lesson

  • Period of 3 weeks. 3 classes (1 session per week). Each class is 1.5 hours long
  • *Classes start at minimum of 2 persons, Maximum of 3

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  1. Hi Satine,
    I’m interested in the private make up class. I am the bridesmaid of one of your brides. How much would a class be?

  2. Hi Satine,
    I am very interested in the professional bridal secretary make up and hair class you are offering. Could you please give me more information about the schedule, fees and location. Thanks!

  3. Hi Satine,
    I am interested in the makeup and bridal hair lessons. For makeup, I would like to either join the private makeup class or personal makeup class. Could you please let me know all 3 sessions’ course fees and necessary details (e.g time, course details etc.)? Thank you!

  4. Hey Satine:)
    I have wanted to take makeup lessons for a long time and I really want try it. Please email me the address, time availabilities and a phone number, perhaps? Thank you so much.

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